PLAY EQUIPMENT ON PARKS : Temporary closure due to Coronavirus

Posted on by sel-admin

Due to the current Coranavirus, all our play areas will be closed with immediate effect.
Whilst we still want our community to be able to enjoy our recreational ares, we would stress that it is vitally important that the play equipment is no longer used for the foreseeable future. This is essential in reducing the spread of the virus.
We are taking advice on how this can be more effectively achieved, by way of taping off or fencing, but in the meantime, your support with this would be appreciated.
Parks and open spaces remain open, but you must follow social distancing advice when using them, staying 2m apart from others at all times.
Could we also please ask that volunteers who regularly help in keeping our community clean and tidy, also refrain from undertaking litter pick duties at this time, in order to help keep yourself and others safe too. Thank you!
Spring flowers

Spring flowers