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Work has started on the new scooter park at Friezeland Recreation Ground

The construction of the scooter park started on Monday, 24 June 2019 and great progress has already been made despite the persistent rain at the start.

The area has been stripped of turf and topsoil and the first few loads of stone sub-base were then delivered.
Good progress continues to be made, the previously existing mound has been moved and separated into subsoil and topsoil.
The subsoil has been used to form the area for the scooter park with the topsoil saved for use later in the construction. The stone sub base was completed by the end of the first week.

Week commencing 1 July, will see the scooter park start to take shape as more stone is delivered to form the ramps and jumps.
Week commencing 8 July, work continues and the ramps are taking shape.

Week commencing 15th July, the jump box and grind rail have been installed to complete the flat land areas.

The tarmac sub-base and wearing course is being laid.