Neighbourhood Plan is adopted!

On 12th October the Parish Referendum voted the Neighbourhood Plan in by 86% in favour!

The Neighbourhood Plan has been formally adopted, and this means that it is there to protect the principles our Parish feels are important as new houses are built. Thank you to the voters of Selston Parish for taking the time to read up and understand the Neighbourhood Plan. The JUSt team were at the count and it was amazing to see vote after vote counted and marked “Yes”! We left the count on cloud nine!

Thank you also to everyone, who supported us over the 4 years it took us to develop the plan. This includes people, who posted our leaflets, Parish councillors, who helped at public consultations, ADC planning department for their guidance, professional bodies, who gave us advice and everyone who ever responded to a questionnaire, or who attended our consultations.

The JUSt team, Stuart Fletcher, Lisa Simpson, Jane Banks, Dawn Justice and Alison Rayner.